Your Journey to Fulfillment

Your Journey to Fulfillment

Your Journey to Fulfillment

Have you ever spent quality time asking yourself questions like: “What do I really want?”, “Why is it never enough?”, “When will this all come to an end?”, “When can I smile again from the bottom of my heart?”. Have you also asked yourself why you are stuck, if you are? Have you learned from past successes using these as a template to achieve more? Have you ever thought: “If only I had a coach.”, “I wish I had a guide, a template, a role model or someone who could tell me how to start.

I have put my top tips together to help you start realizing your dreams. I have learned to live the life I love from great people, great leaders, and beautiful souls. My parents never went to school. Yet they have been the best parents I could ever have had. By following their wisdom, I have learned to release myself from working for money. I have learned to follow my heart no matter how hard it is. I have freed myself from many man-made obstacles. And I believe you deserve it too. Why not you?

I have penned this book to help you on your journey to ultimate success. If you follow the guidelines outlined in this book you will make breakthroughs you never dared to imagine. The goal-setting exercises will move you from a passive to a resourceful state and breakthrough your limiting beliefs. Follow these bulletproof steps and you will realize your dreams in no time. All you need is yourself, your time and your commitment to act.

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  1. Equips you with the tools you need to unlock your full potential.
  2. Outlines practical steps to turn your dreams into reality.
  3. Provides simple, yet powerful, strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs.
  4. Empowers you to better manage stress and work pressure.
  5. Easy exercises start you on your journey to success.
  6. Temporarily FREE to download. So, no excuses – kickstart your journey TODAY.

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About the author

Hamid Safaei is the author of Your Journey to Fulfillment and the upcoming book First Class leadership. He is the founder of ImOcean Academy. Hamid is a qualified executive coach helping executives and budding entrepreneurs make breakthroughs. He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies.

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