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Hamid Safaei is a certified coach. Below, Hamid explains what made him decide to become an executive coach. My journey started when I was only 14. I wanted to do something great that would contribute to a better world. I have been dreaming about ways in which to bring about positive change on a global scale.

Things started to take shape when I was working at ING Bank and was involved in the merger of two banks, ING and Postbank (2008-2009). I was asked to coach a number of individuals with the aim of improving their performance and helping them with the transformation challenges they were facing. After a couple of sessions, the manager who had initially asked me to do the coaching, said: “Thanks Hamid, I have noticed a real improvement in their performance”. It made me feel good and realize that I got a great deal of satisfaction out of helping others on their journey to success.

It did not stop at ING. Whenever I started an assignment at an organization, I was asked to coach fellow colleagues, managers, internal and external contacts. The great thing was that I never actually told anyone that I was able to provide coaching. Things just gradually took off. The more often I was asked to get involved, the more I started to believe in the journey I was on. It was at this point that I decided to turn the thing I loved, i.e. coaching, into my profession. In addition to reading lots of books, I completed a number of coaching programmes including the Corporate and Executive Coaching programme at the Coaching Academy in London.

Corp & Executive Coaching Diploma


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