Coaching through transformation

It is a fact that transformation is not as easy as it sounds even when you have the mandate and resources to transform. Many transformations have been labelled as failures, while they had initially been labelled a success. Why is that? Have you heard the phrase: “The operation was a success but the patient died.”?

In this module we talk about sustainable and understood transformations, supported by people who are affected by them and go through the transformation.  We believe that a transformation can only be effective when the people and organisations affected by it understand and support it.

There are few examples of sustainable transformations that have been achieved within the initial time granted and with the resources initially made available. There are plenty of examples of transformation programmes that failed to reach the intended result. Why is that? What does a transformation leader need in order to realize effective and efficient transformations? What are the critical success factors in transformations? What are the dos and don’ts? What are the lessons learnt?

Sign up now and bring your questions and concerns relating to your current transformation along with you. We will help you ensure that your transformation programme proceeds smoothly. How do we do that?

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