What really matters

How often do we stop to think about what really matters to us? Why we are here? What motivate us? What we want to achieve in life? Some of us tend to live in never-ending stories, while others make endless plans and seem to be oblivious to the end, which we all know will come one day.

If you want to find out what really matters to you then there is a little test you can do. Imagine you only have a couple of months to live. How would you spend the time you have left? It is highly unlikely that you would put in an extra couple of hours for your boss or get into a fight with your best friend because he or she did not turn up on your birthday. You might spend it with the people you love and care for, such as your children, partner, parents and close friends. You might also spend it trying to achieve that very special goal you set yourself. You would probably spend it on the things that really matter to you.

Contact ImOcean to help you find out what really matters to you. If you already know, then you are halfway there and are ready to start working towards what really matters to you.



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