Our target group is made up of executives, directors and senior managers. Any individual or group who feels that we can help them unleash their potential is more than welcome to contact us. As our coach says, he has met many CEOs and executives during his 20 years of experience in the corporate world. “I asked them what they would do differently if they were 30 again. Many of them told me that they would spend more time with their partner and their children while they were young.” This is a fact of life for many successful executives. How can you avoid it?

The point is that many executives do not even realize that their drive for endless success is one of the underlying causes of their unhappiness. Some of them are on auto pilot and are not aware of what really matters to them. Some keep telling themselves they are going to change tomorrow, next week or next year. I am going to fix my relationship with my best friend, daughter, son and or partner. The fact is that all we have is now, tomorrow is not a given.

Some get so deeply involved in the challenges of work and climbing the success ladder that they forget they have children at school and a partner who is dying to spend some time with them. Why is that? Some of them have told me I am really a good dad, I love my children I get them whatever they need. Why do they hate me? I really love my wife. I gave her whatever she wanted, so why has she left me?

Avoid feeling sorry before it’s too late. Every day is a good day to start again. It is possible to become a successful executive and at the same time enjoy life and be there when your partner and children need you. How can you spend quality time with the people you love and care for and still be successful? How can you run your life as you wish and avoid going on auto pilot? ImOcean is here to help you reach your destination feeling happy and content. Reach out and find out what we can do for you.



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