Executive Hotline

As our unique service, ImOcean does not let you feel alone when you need our professional support the most. We offer you a hotline to reach out to us and to discuss your breakthrough ideas, thoughts and or challenges.

When to call with Executive hotline?

You are about making a breakthrough decision which requires a lot of braveness, a lot of energy and in some cases a lot of money. You believe this is it for you, your family and or for your company; a make or break decision. You need to make your decision right now. You feel a lot of pressure whether or not to do it. One inner voice tells you “you must do it NOW”. Another one shares some concerns with you. And you have strongly the feeling you need to share these thoughts with a qualified executive coach before you make your decision.

Here is a real life example. There was a CEO whose company was in a critical financial situation. He had a meeting with a merger and acquisition party that was interested in taking over the company. They had several talks which were supposed to get finalized during the final meeting. He asked for 10 minutes break before making his decision and called us.

Phone number and when to call?

This service is meant for those who really need our professional support right now. If you are in such a situation please feel welcome to reach out on Monday – Friday from 8:30  to 17:30  CET. Call us on +31614288114 and we will be there for you.

What we do

We will not motivate you whether or not to make the breakthrough decision. This is what you already have activated in you. We are the WHY guy. We will make it tangible for you WHY you are about making that breakthrough decision. What does drive you? What does scare you? What will change when you have taken the decision? WHY would you make that decision? We will not give you any advice. We will ask several relevant but vital questions answer to which by yourself makes it crystal clear whether or not to make that life changing decision.  Whatever decision you make you will make it consciously. You will have peace with your decision.

How long does the conversation take?

It will be a phone call of maximum 30 minutes. If we can’t nail it down in 30 minutes, it means you still need some important ingredients based on which you can make your decision. If you want to explore more in-depth, then we can schedule a meeting or a phone call if you want to. All up to you.

The costs?

Our Executive Hotline service does not cost you anything. We will not send you any invoice either. We believe it is much more important that we help you out without any restrictions and worries.

A slot in the future?

You can also book a slot, FREE OF CHARGE, in the future when you need to make a breakthrough decision after or during an event or an important meeting. Please fill out our contact form to secure a slot. Please offer as many options as possible to offer you a slot which suits you.

Helping you out gives us extra fresh fuel!

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