What clients say about us

  • edwin Koolhoven

    Hamid heeft mij geholpen met een aantal persoonlijke uitdagingen op mijn werk. Hij liet mij door het stellen van vragen zelf de antwoorden verzinnen voor deze uitdagingen. Dit heeft mij enorm geholpen. Hamid is daarnaast een rustige, ‘prettig’ kritische en sympathieke collega die focust op de activiteiten die er echt toe doen. Het was een genoegen om met hem samen te werken.

    Edwin Koolhoven,
    Senior Marketeer
  • Harm Samuels

    I know Hamid as a strategic thinker that combines his business knowledge, warm personality and going forward mentality in a unique way. This makes him a valued and appreciated sparring partner for teams and/or individuals. Especially in situations that are complex his creative thinking will bring new insights.

    Harm Samuels,
    Manager Procurement
    NN Group
  • ilse

    Hamid is an empathetic and conscientious individual who is committed to getting the best out of people.

    Ilse Van den Meijdenberg,
    Director at UK meets NL/ Chair
    Netherlands IoD Branch
  • Pawel Punda

    Hamid is a friendly and high-energy person who possesses outstanding communication skills that makes him such an exceptional coach. He is a great listener who additionally possesses a gift of asking right and very insightful questions.
    After a few sessions with him I can see that quality of my professional as well as personal life improved significantly. Every session was a great experience, and superb learning opportunity for me. After every discussions with Hamid I was super boosted with a positive energy and ready to ACT.
    I recommend Hamid to anyone who is looking for a coach, or putting it differently, who has desire to learn and grow.

    Pawel Punda,
    Commercial Analyst
  • client_lysandra

    Hamid is a great coach I recommend to everybody who needs one. He is good in drilling down aiming to hit the ultimate root/goal. The fun part is that he, via asking the right questions, helps you think and implement the solutions by yourself. He makes you aware of possibilities and bottlenecks having excellent communication skills.

    Data Management Analyst
  • men

    … I really liked working with Hamid. ….From day one Hamid did see the gaps in the setup of the project organization and managed cq guided the people to execute the tasks they should execute and deliver the required output.
    Key words are communication, being available and coaching people and carriers on how to get the tasks done.
    On top of this Hamid is a nice person to work with.

    Ruud Hillemans,
    Royal Philips
  • client_robert

    Hamid is de perfecte man om op korte termijn veel te realiseren. Hij is in staat deadlines te halen door op een prettige manier mensen te motiveren. Dat heb ik met bewondering ervaren.

    Robert Gouda,
    Wie Werkte Waar
  • Ilse Scholtens

    Hamid is an actionable colleague, focusing on delivering results which he indeed delivers. He is professional and very pleasant to work with.

    Ilse Scholtens,
    Business Manager Commercial Analytics Team
    NN Investment Partners
  • Urvin Zuidwijk

    Hamid is a colleague that has the rare combination of a fantastic character with a profound business knowledge. He is a valuable asset to any team!

    Vendor Management Professional
    NN Investment Partners
  • Robert van der Toorn

    Hamid has a can do mentality, is result driven, and is nice to work with!

    Robert van der Toorn,
    Chief Architecture Officer

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